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Gul'dan - The Heartstone Warlock Hero

Hearthstone - Warlock Arena Videos

If you are looking for Warlock inspiration or want to see how a Warlock class can be played in the Hearthstone Arena - then you've come to the right place.

This section will be updated with videos from Arena game sessions with the Warlock hero whenever these are played by me, and I feel that the session was worth sharing.

Hearthstone is a game of luck, strategy and skill - and you may view these Warlock Arena Videos feeling that the decks were made poorly, played wrong or that everything was absolutely amazing.

I'm playing the Warlock as good as i can - and learning something all the time. I am sharing these videos so that others can see how the Hearthstone Arena works, how I play the Warlock in the Arena and how I make the Warlock decks based on the cards that are available in the Arena creation.

I will comment the videos when possible, but some videos will be made without comments because they are recorded while my kids are sleeping or playing loudly close to where I play;)

Warlock Class Arena Videos

The Warlock arena videos are grouped by sessions below, each page may have several videos and possibly written comments about the game(s).

Warlock 9/3 Arena

This Warlock arena session was the first session I recorded. I managed to beat my personal record with 9 wins total (up from 8!) even though I made several mistakes and had a small bug target my hero with a Drain Life spell. I was able to draft Lord Jaraxxus during the deck creation, and finished several games while transformed into Lord Jaraxxus!

This Warlock arena session has 14 battles in total, 9 where I win and three where I loose.

The deck creation is included and so is the reward (or loot!). The arena prize was a Gloden Flare spell card, a rare Siphon Soul Warlock expert spell card, 160 gold coins and a pack of cards.

The pack of cards had a rare Rogue weapon card - Perdition's Blade, a legendary Neutral minion Millhouse Manastorm, the common Druid card Naturalize, the common Shaman minion Dust Devil and the common Neutral minion Mogu'shan Warden.

All in all the Arena session resulted in +10 gold coins, 3 rare cards (1 gold), 1 legendary card and three common cards.

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