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Hearthstone at PrinterKids

Hearthstone is a Collectible Card Game by Blizzard themed around the Warcraft universe that players all over the world have enjoyed for more than a generation. The game is available to play for free, with in-game purchase options.

The Hearthstone section here at PrinterKids.com is dedicated to this game, and the many hours of fun that can be enjoyed while playing it. You can find basic game guides and information here as well as videos that have been recorded while playing many different aspects of the game.

Hearthstone is a quite large game, and new areas of the section will be added as time allow it!

Class Sections

Hearthstone currently has 9 playable hero classes, each class has a unique set of cards and a hero ability. To read more about the Hearthstone heroes and their unique features - select the relevant section from the menu or the links below.

Hero Classes: Druid | Hunter | Mage | Paladin | Priest | Rogue | Shaman | Warlock | Warrior

Class Arena Videos

Arena is one of the play modes you can enjoy with Hearthstone. It is a randomized tournament like event where you need to build a deck with a random range of cards. Arena sessions always end with a prize for the player, from gold cards and packs of cards to dust that can be used for crafting and gold coins.

The Printerkids Hearthstone video section has Arena videos that show many different games being played, from the deckbuilding process to the rewards!
Mage 9/3 Arena

March 4, 2014; This Mage arena session was very fun to play, and I managed to complete it with a 9-3 score. I had some great duels and drafted a deck with Leeroy Jenkins that I figured was pretty much as good as a Fireball that had the potential of a double-use.

I had some great opponens and managed to win a duel with another Mage that got Archmage Antonidas down.

The arena session reward ( LOOT ! ) included a golden card, more gold coins than the entry cost and of course a pack of cards.

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Warlock 9/3 Arena

March 2, 2014; This Warlock arena session was the first session I recorded. I managed to beat my personal record with 9 wins total (up from 8!) even though I made several mistakes and had a small bug target my hero with a Drain Life spell.
I was able to draft Lord Jaraxxus during the deck creation, and finished several games while transformed into Lord Jaraxxus!

This Warlock arena session has 14 battles in total, 9 where I win and three where I loose.

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