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Garrosh Hellscream - The Heartstone Warrior Hero

Hearthstone - The Warrior Class

The Warrior is one of the playable hero classes in Hearthstone. Like the other hero classes, the Warrior has a unique Hero Ability and a set of basic and expert cards that are available exclusively for Warrior decks.

Warriors have Weapon Cards but no Secret Spell Cards, they have cards with Charge, minions and spells that grant weapons and a focus around damaged minions.

Warriors have a minion buff that only work on damaged minions, and they have a spell card that can destroy any damaged minion!

Warriors also have a minion that gain strength each time a minion is damaged. The Warriors also have spells and minions that deal Armor, a shield that is spent in a way similar to the heros health points - but that are used before health.

Warrior Class Sections

If you want to view or read more about the different exclusive Warrior class cards, then select a card section via the links below:

Cards: Arena | Basic | Expert | Spell | Minion | Weapon | Common | Rare | Epic | Legendary

About the Warrior Class

Warsong Commander, a Warrior class minion card that give minions ChargeThe Warrior is often seen with charging minions, - minions that can attack in the same turn as they are summoned. This allow them to deal with enemy minions instantly with minions of their own if they can't do so with spells or weapons.

The Warrior has high damage weapons making them a force of their own, but this often mean that the Warrior take a high amount of damage by attacking minions.

The Warriors Armor Up! ability add shield points that help keep the warrior alive even when the Warrior attack high damage minions.

The Warrior has spell cards that deal damage to all or multiple minions and both a minion and spell card that deal 1 damage to a minion and +2 damage. The cards can be used as buffs for friendly minions or to take out Divine shields or enemy minions. These cards can also be used to change a minions damage value to keep it safe from Priest destruction spells and cards like Stampeding Kodo.

Warrior Hero Ability

Warrior Hero Ability: Armor Up!The Warrior hero power is called Armor Up!, and like all other Hero powers it can be activated once per turn at the cost of 2 mana. When activated, the Armor Up! ability give the Warrior 2 shield.

Shield points work like additional health points, but for the Warrior, the Shield points can also have an impact on the Shield Slam spell card.

Shield Slam deal damage to a minion equal to the armor value of the Hero.

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