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Gul'dan - The Heartstone Warlock Hero

Hearthstone - The Warlock Class

The Warlock is one of the playable hero classes in Hearthstone. Like the other hero classes, the Warlock has a unique Hero Ability and a set of basic and expert cards that are available exclusively for Warlock decks.

Lord Jaraxxus - The Heartstone Warlock Legendary HeroWarlocks don't have Weapon Cards and Secret Spell Cards, but they have a nasty range of very strong cards with a "self destructive" effect.

Warlocks have a Legendary minion card called Lord Jaraxxus that will replace Gul'dan as the players hero when played. This change the hero life to 15 and offer a new Hero Ability.

Warlocks can dig into their decks for demon cards and have spell cards that don't cost mana to play!

Warlock Class Sections

If you want to view or read more about the different exclusive Warlock class cards, then select a card section via the links below:

Cards: Arena | Basic | Expert | Spell | Minion | Weapon | Common | Rare | Epic | Legendary

About the Warlock Class

Flame Imp, a Warlock class minion card that deal 3 damage to the heroThe Warlock class is very fast paced, because Warlocks have access to cards with a low mana cost and have the ability to draw a card with their hero ability.

Warlocks can swarm the battlefield with very strong minions fast, but if these are handled by the opponent, the Warlock may have been too self destructive to regain board control.

The Warlock have several creatures that deal damage to the Warlock when they are summoned, or come with a discard cost in addition to the mana cost. This means that the Warlock can "tap into" more resource types that other players for an advantage, but also that doing so is a "risk".

The Warlock can draw a card at the cost of health and mana each turn too, allowing them to keep a steady stream of low-cost strong minions.

Warlocks have a very aggressive arsenal of spells that can deal damage to both players and minions. Hellfire deal 3 damage to all minions and players, and Shadowflame destroy one of the Warlocks own minions, to deal its damage to all enemy minions.

But the fun doesn't stop there at all!
Power Overwhelming give a friendly minion +4/+4 but destroy it at the end of the turn and Mortal Coil deal 1 damage to a minion and give the Warlock a card if the minion dies.

Warlock Hero Ability

Warlock Hero Ability: Life TapLord Jaraxxus Hero Ability: INFERNO!The default Warlock hero power is called Life Tap, and like all other Hero powers it can be activated once per turn at the cost of 2 mana. When activated, the Life Tap ability deal 2 damage to the Warlock and award 1 card.

Warlocks also have another Hero ability that is enabled when Lord Jaraxxus is played. Playing Lord Jaraxxus change the Warlock hero ability from Life Tap to INFERNO!

INFERNO! summon a 6/6 minion!

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