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Thrall - The Heartstone Shaman Hero

Hearthstone - The Shaman Class

The Shaman is one of the playable hero classes in Hearthstone. Like the other hero classes, the Shaman has a unique Hero Ability and a set of basic and expert cards that are available exclusively for Shaman decks.

Shamans have Weapon Cards but no Secret Spell Cards, they have special cards with Overload effects that offer something extra at the cost of less many on the next turn - the Overload price.

Shamans have totem minions, windfury options and of course direct damage spells, area of effect spells, and unique tactical spells.

Shamans have a spell card that return a minino to play after it has been destroyed and a spell card that can turn any minion into a 0/1 Frog with Taunt!

Shaman Class Sections

If you want to view or read more about the different exclusive Shaman class cards, then select a card section via the links below:

Cards: Arena | Basic | Expert | Spell | Minion | Weapon | Common | Rare | Epic | Legendary

About the Shaman Class

Unbound Elemental, a Shaman class minion card that benefit from Overload spellsThe Shaman is often a minion rich class to play because of the Shaman Hero Ability that allow the shaman to summon one fo four random Totem minions. Shamans have unique spells with Overload costs, an amount of mana that is locked during the Shamans next turn.

Overload spells are extremely strong and allow the Shaman to get some serious power early in the game. If the Shaman has an Unbound Elemental minion in play, the minion will grow stronger each time an Overload spell is used!

The Shaman class can be played in many different ways, but it is very common to see a Shaman win a game by playing the Bloodlust spell card that give all minions (and the Hero) +3 attack. This turn even the least dangerous looking 0/2 totems into damage dealing minions that swarm the opponent.

The Shaman can deal fairly easely with enemy minions with help from a series of spell cards that damage multiple minions and also by using Windfury to give friendly minions two attacks each round. Lastly the Fire Elemental minion deal three damage to a target when it comes into play giving the Shaman an impressive minion that often take out an enemy minion when it arrive!

Shaman Hero Ability

Shaman Hero Ability: Totemic CallThe Shaman hero power is called Totemic Call, and like all other Hero powers it can be activated once per turn at the cost of 2 mana. When activated, the Totemic Call ability summon one of four random possible totem minions for the Shaman.

The Shaman hero ability totems are unique, only one of each totem minion can be in play at any time.

The four Shaman ability totem minions are:

Healing Totem:
A 0/2 totem that restore 1 health to all friendly minions at the end of the Shamans turn.

Searing Totem:
A 1/1 totem - the only totem with a default damage value.

Stoneclaw Totem:
A 0/2 totem with Taunt

Wrath of Air Totem:
A 0/2 totem that increase spell damage by 1

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