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Valeera Sanguinar - The Heartstone Rogue Hero

Hearthstone - The Rogue Class

The Rogue is one of the playable hero classes in Hearthstone. Like the other hero classes, the Rogue has a unique Hero Ability and a set of basic and expert cards that are available exclusively for Rogue decks.

Rogues have Weapon Cards but no Secret Spell Cards, they have special cards with Combo effects that offer something extra if cards have been played before them.

Rogues have direct damage spells, area of effect spells, spells that return minions to the owners hand and even a spell that give units Stealth.

Rogues have a card that can be used multiple times, it is returned to their hand at the end of the turn. They can also destroy their weapon and deal it's damage to all enemy minions!

Rogue Class Sections

If you want to view or read more about the different exclusive Rogue class cards, then select a card section via the links below:

Cards: Arena | Basic | Expert | Spell | Minion | Weapon | Common | Rare | Epic | Legendary

About the Rogue Class

SI:7 Agent, a Rogue class minion card with ComboThe Rogue is a fast paced hero with minion and spell cards that have a relative low mana cost. The Rogue class game-play can appear confusing to players because of the many cards that are played and the Combo effects.

Rogues are tricky players with different options for gaining or maintaining board control. Cards such as Sap and Vanish return minions to their players hands, and the Combo effect damage or buff effects from the relatively small minions allow the Rogue to take out many unwanted enemy minions.

In addition to the spell and minion options, the Rogue has a 1 damage hero attack with the Hero Ability weapon and several options to increase this. Rogues can use weapon cards and also boost their weapon damage with spell cards.

Rogues have spell cards that destroy a target minion and a really tricky spell card that target a minion that then deal it's damage to the minions on each side of it.

When playing a Rogue, it is often important to keep track of how minions are position on the enemys side or even to manipulate this. It may be a goo trade to remove a minion so that two other minions can be destroyed with Betrayal.

Rogue Hero Ability

Rogue Hero Ability: Dagger MasteryThe Rogue hero power is called Dagger Mastery, and like all other Hero powers it can be activated once per turn at the cost of 2 mana. When activated, the Dagger Mastery ability grant the rogue a 1/2 weapon. That's a 1 damage weapon with 2 durability.

The Rogue hero ability is a great way to clear away low health minions, and the 2 point durability means that the Rogue can use the ability attack every round while only paying the mana cost every other round.

The Rogue Dagger Master ability weapon can be used with Blade Master - a spell card that destroy the hero weapon and deal it's damage to all enemy minions. The Rogue can use the Hero ability after having destroyed a weapon if the ability hasn't been used in that round.
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