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Rexxar - The Heartstone Hunter Hero

Hearthstone - The Hunter Class

The Hunter is one of the playable hero classes in Hearthstone. Like the other hero classes, the Hunter has a unique Hero Ability and a set of basic and expert cards that are available exclusively for Hunter decks.

Hunters have both Weapon Cards and Secret Spell Cards, and are masters of Beast minions and traps.

Hunters have direct damage spells, card drawing minions, area of effect damage spells and minion buff and de-buff spells to select from.

Hunters can use the Tracking spell card to select cards from the deck to draw.

Hunter Class Sections

If you want to view or read more about the different exclusive Hunter class cards, then select a card section via the links below:

Cards: Arena | Basic | Expert | Spell | Minion | Weapon | Common | Rare | Epic | Legendary

About the Hunter Class

Kill Command, a Hunter class spell card with Beast related bonusThe Hunter class has unique spells that work better with (or only target) Beast minions. Kill Command deal 3 damage - but 5 damage if the hunter has a Beast minion in play. Bestial Wrath give a beast minion +2 attack in one turn and make it Immune, and the Houndmaster minion give a Beast +2/+2 and Taunt when it comes into play. Besides having Best related cards, the Hunter is the only class that can destroy Secrets with the Flare Spell card.

The hunter also has a series of Secret spell cards that all cost 2 mana to cast. The spells are themed around the World of Warcraft hunter traps and special abilities. Explosive Trap deal 2 damage to all enemy minions and the enemy hero when triggered, while Freezing Trap return an attacking minion to its owners hand with an incresed mana cost.

Hunters have many powerful minion cards with a low mana cost that can turn the battle in the hunters favor. Unleash the Hounds summon a 1/1 Hound minion with charge for each minion the opponent has in play, and when used with cards such as Starving Buzzard that allow the hunter to draw 1 card when a beast is summoned or Scavenging Hyena that gets +2/+1 when a best dies - things can get very interesting in a single turn.

Hunter Hero Ability

Hunter Hero Ability: Steady ShotThe Hunter hero power is called Steady Shot, and like all other Hero powers it can be activated once per turn at the cost of 2 mana. When activated, the Steady Shot hero ability deal 2 damage to the enemy hero. The Steady Shot hero ability can only damage the enemy hero - it can't be used to target minions

The Hunter hero ability allow players to deal direct damage every turn to their opponent, making them very deadly against players with very self destructive decks such as Warlocks.

Hunters have a decent amount of direct damage spells and spells that damage all enemies (inlcuding the enemy hero), this allow them to take down enemy players fast when board control has been established.
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