PrinterKids F.A.Q.

Who can use
Everybody interested in kids printables with an internet connection can enjoy

How do i print out a page from ?
You need to select a category from our menu to see different printables that match the selected category.
From here, click on an image to see a larger preview version of the printable.
Click on the "Print" button at the top of the page to print the image and close the window.

Can i use with my PopUp Blocker enabled ?

Yes, but you may need to manually open to printing windows by right-clicking on the images you want to print and select "open in new window".

Where do the printables come from and who own them?
Most of the printables on have been found on different online resources sites that make no copyright or ownership claim whatsoever. Some of the printables have been digitally enhanced for better printing while others have been created by

If you see a printable at that violate your copyright be sure to contact us right away for removal.