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Our Bakugan coloring page section has more than 500 printable coloring sheets with Bakugan kids pages that can be used to create coloring books, basic kids preschool activities such as letter familiarization, pencil practice and drawing.
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Legendary Bakugan Coloring Pages
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Apollonir Lars Lion Frosch Clayf Oberus Exedra

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The six most powerful Bakugans are known as the Legendary Bakugan and are lead by the Apollonir who is the ultimate Dragonoid.
All six soldiers are Rena's Guardian Bakugan.

Six Legendary Bakugans:

Apollonir Bakugan Coloring Pages
Legendary Bakugan Apollonir
Power: 500G
Special Ability Card: Maximum Pyrus
Apollonir is the ultimate Pyrus Bakugan and the best of the Dragonoids. He has 4 sets of wings and is the leader of the six legendary Bakugan. He is strong and wise and uses his fiery fury to burn evil into nothing.
Apollonir Bakugan coloring pages

Lars Lion Bakugan Coloring Pages
Legendary Bakugan Lars Lion
Power: 500G
Special Ability Card: Sagitarius Arrow
Haos Bakugan looks like an Angel Warrior and is the most moral of the six legendary Bakugan. She has wisdom far beyond her years and she can see into matters as they really are. Listening to her words has saved many.
Lars Lion Bakugan coloring pages

Frosch Bakugan Coloring Pages
Legendary Bakugan Frosch
Power: 500G
Special Ability Card: Aquos Cyclone
Frosch looks like a giant frog with a large gray beard. Frosch wisest and the most tactical of the six legendary Bakugan. Frosch use all his abilities to perfection as a very cunning and strategic fighter.
Frosch Bakugan coloring pages

Bakugan Clayf Coloring Pages
Legendary Bakugan Clayf
Power: 500G
Special Ability Card: Atomic Brave
Clayf is extremely strong and is considered to be stronger that the other six legendary Bakugan. His might is legendary and his enormous power crushes his adversaries to powder.
Clayf Bakugan coloring pages

Oberus Bakugan Coloring Pages
Legendary Bakugan Oberus
Power: 500G
Special Ability Card: Turmoil
Head shaped like a bird's beak also has butterfly wings. Considered to be compassionate. She flies high in the skies and rains down destruction from unexpected places on her adversaries. You better watch out for her tentacles or you are in trouble!
Oberus Bakugan coloring pages

Bakugan Exedra Coloring Pages
Legendary Bakugan Excedra
Power: 500G
Special Ability Card: Wizard powers
Features demon Wizard knowledge. Has nine heads but only one eye and mouth - in the middle of his chest. His many heads all have more teeth than you can believe. Exedra is the master of the dark, and scares the daylights out of most Bakugan.
Exedra Bakugan coloring pages

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