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Our Bakugan coloring page section has more than 500 printable coloring sheets with Bakugan kids pages that can be used to create coloring books, basic kids preschool activities such as letter familiarization, pencil practice and drawing.
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Coloring page with a Chance Dragonoid Assault Bakugan in anime form. The special Chance Dragonoid is a dice throwing Super Assault Bakugan toy. The Bakugan has four wings that can lift the massive dragon body into the sky. One of the bakugan abilities is to create a mighty wind gust with one strong flap of the wings. The Chance Bakugans four amazing claws allow it to battle two opponents at the same time without problems. The sharp thorns on the back of the Chance Dragonoid protect it from blind side attacks. The Bakugan - Chance Dragonoid coloring sheet show the bakugan from a frontal view. Each of the four wings and arms of the Chance Bakugan can be colored. Due to the high level of detail and the cast size of the Bakugan Chance Dragonoid, the coloring page has been designed with lighter grey colors in the background that will emphasize bakugan details even after coloring.Coloring page with a Farakspin Super Assault Bakugan in anime form. The Farakspin Bakugan is a dragonfly-like Super Assault Bakugan with four metalic wings. Farakspin is a pop-up and spin Bakugan in addition to being a  Super Assault Bakugan. Farakspins four metalic wings allow it to fly very far without ever landing. The fact that Farakspin is small compared to many other Bakugan make it very  difficult to catch. Farakspin has exceptional night sight and the ability to generate a destructive tornado by rotating the four metalic wings at high speed. This printable Farakspin Bakugan colouring sheet show the insect-like Bakugan from a frontal side view. All of Farakspins four wings are clearly visibly and colorable. The coloring page with Farakspin include many of the Bakugan details, from the two horns on Farakspins head to the smaller rings on its body and even the small claws. The Farakspin colouring sheet is designed in landscape view so that the entire body with the sspread out wings of Farakspin appear as large as possible, with as many colorable regions as possible. Additionally, the Farakspin color page to print include a semi-transparent grey layer that emphasize character details even after coloring.

» Official description of Drago
Dragonoid is the leader of the Bakugan with strong convictions and morals, and is one of the most powerful species living in Vestroia. Together with Dan, they set out to defeat Naga and Masquerade, and bring back the Infinity and Silent Core to Vestroia. He has the ability to radiate intense heat in battle dissolving everything around him. He is equipped with high intelligence. He is limited in battle mobility, but compensates for it through powerful strikes. He is able to infinitely evolve on his own and with every evolution it makes him stronger and it brings him one step closer to the Infinity Core.

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